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Hi, I’m

Tom Godber

Startup Founder / CTO / CPO / Tech Consultant
Now working with early stage startups and investors.


At A Glance

Startup Support

Early stage startup with no technical founder? I can support you put in place a the right technical strategy and team - we can work out whether No Code, in-house or outsourced works for you, and get you off to a good start.

Tech Problem Solving

My last two decades have been spent solving hard technical and product problems, spanning full stack web and mobile dev, integrations, payments and data - requiring organisational and design solutions as well as tech.

Investor Support

I've spent 15 years on both sides of the due diligence fence, most recently receiving stellar marks from Crosslake. I can due diligence new investments and support M&A for portfolio companies.

I'm interested in short term and multi-month engagements, from mentoring through project work to Non Exec Director roles - if I can genuinely help. Let's chat and find out.


How Can I Help?

I founded to use my 20+ years of tech startup Founder, Engineering, Product, Design and Presales experience to help early stage tech startups on their journey.

I can help with:

  • Mentoring, support and advice for tech startups - working with you to determine what to build, how to build it, who to build it with as an advisor or as a hands on CTO/CPO. Extensive experience in data (GDPR), payments (PCI DSS, EMV), accessibility (WCAG), user experience, test strategies etc that you can tap into as required.

  • Solving hard technical problems, in collaboration with existing teams or delivering functional solutions you can run with in a sustainable way. This could mean helping set core strategic direction, but equally could mean shielding your teams from nasty legacy - I've done my fair share of trawling through spaghetti code, wrapping in a test harness before tidying and documenting.

  • Helping non-technical teams bootstrap proof-of-concepts and Minimum Viable Products - working out the right way to get what you need now with the right strategic direction for the future. I'm not wedded to a particular solution - maybe No Code makes sense for your team, maybe you need a particular stack - we'll work it out.

  • Investor and M&A due diligence on tech companies, from someone who has been through it many times and come out with flying colours. I have a process built up from both sides of the fence I can apply with any tech company.


Pragmatic, cost-effective and maintainable solutions are absolutely key - I won't turn up, propose the latest sexy framework I haven't used yet then leave you to discover its shortcomings. As a Founder of tech startups, VC funded and bootstrapped, I understand the many problems you are balancing - cash, equity, product/market alignment, growth etc - and can help you solve them in a flexible way that works for your company.

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